COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Safety Plan

Pomeroy & Co., Inc. considers the SARS COV2(COVID-19)(Coronavirus) virus to be a serious health and safety concern for our extended network of employees, clients, subcontractors, and vendors. The following comprehensive safety plan is intended to provide guidance and procedures for the many different work environments we operate in. Employees and subcontractors who will work in our building at 18 Spice Street or on any of our Project sites will adhere to the recommendations of this plan. Employees are asked to ‘see something, say something’: we all share the responsibility to keep our workplaces safe by holding one another and those in our extended network accountable to this plan.

Our on-site operations were closed from March 20th until June 1st, and during that time the working environment for all our employees and subcontractors changed. A return to operations requires adjusting our expectations for safety, productivity, and best practices. All team members shall prioritize the implementation of our new safe procedures and anticipate operating with these guidelines in place indefinitely. All team members shall continue to prioritize OSHA and Company safe practices in cooperation with this plan.

While the standards and expectations for business operations and practices outlined in the following document are intended to mitigate health and safety risk levels in our workplace it is neither static nor comprehensive. It is the intention of Pomeroy & Co., Inc. to make continuous and necessary adjustments to this guidance document as COVID-19 outbreak conditions change, including as new information about the virus, its transmission, and impacts, becomes available.

This Safety Plan shall be evaluated as guidelines and conditions change. This safety plan shall be updated on September 8th.