“I am inspired by the idea that each of us strives to bring the best version of ourselves to our work each day.”

– Greg Pomeroy, president & founder

Pomeroy & Co., Inc.


“The time we invest in getting it right, the precision and quality of our finished projects, the people we work with – these are our core strengths. This is what sets us apart.”
– Dylan McNamara, carpenter (5 years)
Pomeroy & Co., Inc.


“I’ve never worked at a company before where this much dedication is so prevalent. Pomeroy and its management promote an unusual culture. Every employee feels that the work of each individual is essential to the company’s success.”
– Scott Wentworth, senior cabinetmaker (14 years)
Pomeroy & Co., Inc.


“It’s a rare opportunity to be able to collaborate with like-minded people who continually give their all, working toward the positive outcome of every project – from the first phone call to the flowers we send our clients on completion!”
– Kathie Mattarese, office operations manager (19 years)