“With everything under one roof, Pomeroy & Co. has all the capabilities to steer a project from design to finish. They are meticulous, thorough, focused, and always respectful.”

– Kristin Paton, interior designer

As a full-service design-build team, we are responsible for every step of a home-building or renovation project. Whether clients work directly with our architects and designers or we partner with their design professionals, we apply our extensive experience. Clear communication about budget, schedule, and expectations is paramount to our process.

Pomeroy & Co., Inc.


“We enjoy figuring out what really matters to our clients, what style is most theirs. Connecting on that level and then doing the utmost to get the details right is both compelling and important to us.”
– Jennifer Mello, head of design services

We sit down with our clients to discuss their specific needs and aesthetic preferences in order to define the project scope. As design develops, we perform feasibility studies, zoning research, architectural commission presentations, and consultations with trade subcontractors.

Pomeroy & Co., Inc.


“I love demolition. It’s like anatomy. When we open up a house, we discover its secrets. What makes it tick? Why was it built this way?”
– Peter Woodhouse, project supervisor

Our experience and longstanding relationships with subcontractors prepare us to excel in management of new construction, renovations, and restorations. With efficient on-site processes, our supervisors make sure that construction is executed to specifications and the work environment remains safe and organized. And whenever circumstances demand a creative solution, we bring sound building science.

Pomeroy & Co., Inc.


“Woodworking is not only our trade but our craft; each project provides the opportunity to demonstrate superior craftsmanship.”
– John McMahon, senior cabinetmaker

Complete control over the millwork fabrication and customized cabinetry for our clients is one of our most valued capacities. Our millwork engineers work upstairs from our cabinetmakers, who create in our fully equipped shop, where they pre-assemble each piece to ensure precise on-site installation.

Pomeroy & Co., Inc.


“Pomeroy remains our committed ‘behind the scenes’ team. When we have a need, they respond immediately.”
– Amy d’Ablemont Burnes, client

Our loyalty to our clients extends well beyond the completion of their projects. Post-construction is more than the detailed review by our warranty and service department. Our house-management services provide our clients with their entire build team for ongoing maintenance and other small jobs.